The Manú National park protects several ecological zones ranging from as low as 150 meters above sea level in parts of the Southwest Amazon moist forests to Peruvian Yungas at middle elevations to Central Andean wet puna at altitudes of 4200 meters. Because of this topographical range, it has one of highest levels of biodiversity of any park in the world. Overall, more than 15,000 species of plants are found in Manú, and up to 250 varieties of trees have been found in a single hectare. The reserve is a destination for birdwatchers from all over the world, as it is home to over 1000 species of birds, more than the number of bird species found in the United States and Canada combined and almost 10% of the world's total bird species. It is also acclaimed as having one of the highest abundances of land vertebrates ever found in Latin American tropical forests.

After our pick of our hotels, we will make our journey to the Amazon Manu National Park approx. 5:30 a.m. Traveling an hour approx. We stop in a small town Huacarani to take breakfast, continuing our travel section to our first visit the pre Inca Ninamarka burial tower we will visiting about 20 minutes, the length of our trip also came to the famous village well known folk Paucartambo for their dances and the Feast of the Virgin of Carmen after learning that people typically continue until the revenue of the Manu National Park called Acjanaco where we will see the beginning to Manu and a kind of ecological zone of the Amazon reaching a whole leg of travel by road to San Pedro where we can appreciate the pride of rain forest, where we will appreciate the lush beauty of the famous waterfalls with a combination presence of epiphytes and ferns and a myriad of birds in particular the national bird of Peru cock of the rock, (rupícola Peruvian), the spectacled bear, species of flycatchers, toucan, quetzal and species of monkeys and the woolly monkey, capuchin monkey, the beautiful orchids and bromeliads after a walk, we continue the journey to our lodge in Pilcopata village we spend the night.

This day we will visit a tropical plantation farm where plantations meet the sacred coca leaf after this visit we continue up a small looked to see the Amazon River with the presence of the forest and arrived at the port of Atalaya where we will embark in our boat with outboard, traveling to hot springs along our journey we could see migratory birds and birds native to the place coming to relax medicinal waters of hot springs where we will relax for 1 h. approx. Then we will have lunch during our trip in our inland waterways, arriving after about 2 hours. In our eco-lodge Bonanza Reserve private area for our company after we settle in our rooms in the afternoon we will have a light walk at night to see rare species, frogs, species of spider, spiders and other insects to our dinner.

DAY 03 EXPEDITION INTO THE JUNGLE – LODGE (ecological reserve of bonanza)
5:00 a.m. * optional. We wake up early to spot species of monkeys, give it a good breakfast, and start making our expedition during the day in the depths of the jungle until lunchtime, in the course of the expedition will appreciate variety of animals, birds, many varieties of tropical plants, medicinal plants and learning about survival in the jungle, in the afternoon we will take the overnight boat to the latest upstream Arpy Lodge in the Amazon sunset.* options by visiting the lake Machuwasi (salvacion) where we have a raft ride (Indian transport) and appreciate the beauty of the sunset with the mixture of the Amazon jungles, the night will fire (option), time of relaxation and toast our wine as a farewell to the last night in the jungle.

This morning after breakfast we return to Tambo Helicon power aboard the vessel which leads to River up still Lodge. During our travel boat over, we will have the opportunity to visit Lake Machuwasi (Salvacion) where we will see different species of life um besides existing wild and an unforgettable great evening. Also to liven up the evening we can build a huge bonfire and then sit around and have this exchange of cultures and experiences will finish taking a few drinks. Tonight we sleep in the sand banks of the river Madre God accommodated inside the tents.

* (Optional) This day wake up early in the morning to go to sight the spectacle of the parrot clay lick. Appreciate where species of parrots, parakeets, and species of winged macaw, after our breakfast we will return to Atalaya where our transport awaits us and then will be our return to Cusco where we will arrive in the afternoon. END OUR SERVICES.

What is included:
• Private bus and boat Mini
• Camping gear, rubber boots, Tents, mattress, cooking equipment
• First aid kit.
• Bilingual guide native forest.
• Mineral water.
• Cook, 3 meals per day.
• Entrance to Hot Springs.
• Entrance to lodge (ecological reserve profit)
• Lodge (2N) camp (2N)

What is not included:
* First breakfast
* Cola and beer.
* The Last Supper

What you need to bring/carry:
• Sleeping bag.
• Repellents containing 15 % deet.
• Binoculars, sunscreen
• Dark and light clothing.
• Camera and flashlight with extra batteries
• Sandals, hat.
• Extra money, Small backpack.
• Water bottle, mineral water (1D)
• personal hygiene kits, toilet paper.

Price per person US$ 490.00 based on double occupancy.