Manú National Park (Parque Nacional del Manu) is a biosphere reserve located in Madre de Dios and Paucartambo, Cusco. Before becoming an area protected by the Peruvian government, the Manú National Park was conserved thanks to its inaccessibility. The park remains fairly inaccessible by road to this day. In 1977, UNESCO recognised it as a Biosphere Reserve and in 1987, it was pronounced a World Heritage Site. It is the largest National Park in Peru, covering an area of 15,328 km².

We will leave Cusco by bus at 6:00 am. Pilcopata arrive at our first stop will visit the burial tower Ninamarka, and after about 4 hours from Cusco arrives Paucartambo village, a folk colonial in the Andes. To reach the “Acjanaco” (the start of Manu Park) where we begin the descent to the mysterious cloud forest, which has a massive display of flora and fauna as well as orchids and ferns and the presence of Cock of the Rocks (rupicola Peruvian). We will have the opportunity to see the famous ritual mating dance of the national bird of Peru and trogons and a lucky day, the only spectacled bear. Then we arrived at the town of Pilcopata where we spend our first night.

After breakfast we continue to share the bus about 1 hour to reach the river port of Atalaya, where we travel our motorboat and then continue on the Madre de Dios River. After about 2 hours by boat, with some interesting stops on the journey down the river (hot spring water). We arrived in the late Bonanza reserved ecological. On this day we see different species of monkeys, an impressive diversity of birds and perhaps the spectacular flight of the condor of the jungle, the king of the vultures. This night is spent at our lodge, exclusive accommodation and good services for our passengers.* Optional evening hike to see different types of nocturnal insects such as spiders, scorpions. Tarantula, frog, toad and etc.

After breakfast we continue with our journey. Following visits to tourist areas of the Manu National Park. Now we travel the Manu River, at least 4-5 hours, having carefully watching wildlife. This day we hope to see many more species of birds and animals such as black and white especially fortunate in one day or a couple of Jaguar. By late afternoon, we reached the Lodge House Machiguenka, we have accommodation is basic and rustic and intimate surroundings of the jungle of Manu. Managed exclusively by Indians Machiguenka, original caretakers of the jungle of Manu. (Optional Night Walk).

Considered the most interesting places to visit. Otorongo and Salvador oxbow lake and in these two lakes we find a great diversity of animals and flora. Where our guide introduced us to learn the secrets of the rainforest. We enter the forest along observation trails to appreciate 13 species of monkeys and other features of this amazing place and to understand the importance of preserving our planet. Following the instructions of the guide and hopefully we will see some big vertebrates such as the giant otter, tapir and peccaries few. We spend the third night in the Casa Machiguenka.

Early in the morning we left home to continue our adventure Machiguenka travel the Manu river to Boca Manu village. On this day you can still find the famous Jaguar in river side of the Manu River to find them. We stop in the native community of Isla de los Valles an opportunity to appreciate their culture and lifestyle if you are interested in handicrafts and meet the local’s native, where we will piranha fishing, then take our motorized river up the river to reserved ecological Lodge. We have choices to make last night camping in the Group’s decisions.

Our last day will be our return outboard to port of Atalaya, where we take our private bus back to Cusco, arriving at 8: 00 pm aprox. END OUR SERVICES.

What is included:
* Qualified naturalist guide speaking English and Spanish.
* Kit of first aid.
* All land and boat transport
* Accommodation, hostels and campsites
* All meals (vegetarian option).
* Drinking water at all times
* Shop 2 persons and beds in the lodge
* Entrance fee to Manu National Park
* Entry medicinal thermal water of hot water and Ecological Reserve Bonanza
* Robber boots and rain poncho.
* Chef

What is not included:
* First breakfast
* Cola and beer.
* The Last Supper

What you need to bring/carry:
* Backpack
* Sleeping bag (for camping)
* Long-sleeved shirt and long pants.
* 1 bottle of water the first day
* Sandals, clothing, swimsuit, towel backpack
* Rain gear
* Enough mosquito repellent (DEET 50% C.).
* Flashlight and extra batteries
* Plastic bags
* Hat or cap.
* Extra money to buy drinks and other
* Binoculars (required)
* Extra batteries Video camera

Price per person US$ 840.00 based on double occupancy.