Rainforest Expeditions Tambopata Research Center

Tambopata Research Center is the most remote lodge in the Amazon. There are no humans nearby so sightings of monkeys, macaws and other large species become more frequent. Jaguars are sometimes seen near the river bank! Tambopata Research Center is an excellent headquarters for in depth explorations of Amazonian nature and wildlife because of its remote location in uninhabited wilderness housing stable populations of endangered wildlife, the small scale of its infrastructure and operations and the presence of researchers and naturalist guides.

Highlights include:

Two Macaw Claylicks – A trip to the Tambopata Research Centre includes a visit too the two most important clay licks in the region: Colorado and Chuncho. Visit these special portions of river bank while Macaws and parrots make a raucous and colorful spectacle which inspired a National Geographic cover story.

5 Distinct Pristine Habitats – Close and easy hikes to bamboo, flood plain, terra firma, palm and riverine rainforest habitats.

Herds of White Lipped Peccaries – Tambopata Research Centers location inside a huge and pristine rainforest means peccaries roam at carrying capacity. Herds of one hundred or more individuals visit the lodge garden frequently to gather nuts from its palm trees.

Macaw Research and Conservation –Much groundbreaking macaw conservation research has been carried out from the TRC and you will likely have the chance during your stay to talk with macaw biologists, ecologists and other experts staying at the TRC while they do fieldwork.

Canopy Tower – During your stopover at Refugio Amazonas (see How to Get To Tambopata Research Center) you will be able to climb the 30 meter scaffolding tower for expansive views of the rainforest and sightings of colorful toucans and parrots against a green backdrop.

Natural Construction Rooms – Bedrooms open out onto the surrounding rainforest, allowing you to enjoy this diverse ecosystem even during downtime, with wild animals, including monkeys, often visible from the lodge. With only 18 rooms, this rustic lodge is as intimate as you will get to the jungle without camping.

Prices per person, per night: from US$ 310.00  (A minimum stay of three nights is required)