Experimental Biological Station

The complex is located 74 km (46 miles) from Cuzco City, at 3,500 masl (11,483 fasl). An outstanding archaeological site because it holds a series of circular Andean paths that were probably amphitheaters. The largest has 12 paths and has a depth of 100 meters (328 feet).

According to researchers, the circular paths in Moray served as a center for agricultural research, as each level offered different climactic conditions and allowed for different plants to be cultivated experimentally.

The terraces were made by building containment walls filled with fertile earth. They were watered through a complex irrigation system. At the base of the terraces, there is a rain water storage system. The entire system allowed for the cultivation of over 250 types of vegetables.

Other studies suggest that the site was used for astronomical observation and for monitoring climatic changes. This was done by following the sun light and shadows that appear on the area’s high mountains.

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